Avasna Pandey

Pandey is the Editorial Page Editor at The Kathmandu Post. Before joining the Post, she worked as a researcher for the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, a New Delhi-based think tank.

Latest from Avasna Pandey

Rhythm and rhyme

Bhushita Vasistha’s recitation, with the music of a stellar ensemble, provided a moment of tranquility among the chaos of everyday life. Her recitation, it seemed, was asking the audience to just pause a little more and simply reflect.

Head over heart

No matter how much we deny or conceal it, emotions play an important and omnipresent role in world politics. The most obvious example would be the inherent emotional nature of global terrorism.

A brave new world

The inherent nature of power still seeks to influence the behaviour of other people. The point of departure here, however, is marked by this: if once the sword was used to influence behaviour, modern power relies on knowledge and information to do so

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