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An unresolved agenda

Despite many progressive laws for women in the new constitution, the provision of citizenship is unequal and fails to protect a woman’s natural and inalienable right to her child in conferring nationality to her/him autonomously and unconditionally;

Not quite half the sky

Nepal is on the verge of making history with the first local election in 20 years that is taking place today. As many as 19,332 women are taking part in the polls being held under the federal set-up, and 5,196 among them are assured posts as per the Local Level Election Act 2017,

Means and ends

All the parties involved in the current conflict need to rise to the occasion and think about the people first

Daughters as traitors

By doing away with the ‘or’ provision on citizenship, the state is seeking to institute gender bias as a national policy

What killed her?

Society still sees the value of a woman through her ‘purity’ and ‘modesty’; this needs to change

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