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PM Oli winds up Beijing visit on high note

Nepal and China have signed a landmark accord to develop a cross-border railway line that will connect the Tibetan town of Kerung with Kathmandu, calling the Cooperation for Railway Connectivity “as the most significant initiative in the history of bilateral cooperation”.The two sides signed the memoranda of understanding on Thursday following hour-long delegation-level talks at the Great Hall of the People.

In Beijing, PM sets tone for China visit

On the day of his arrival in Beijing, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Tuesday set the tone for his visit by recalling that his 2016 visit to the Chinese capital was historic, an occasion that brought the two sides to a groundbreaking political understanding on diversifying Nepal’s trade and transit.

Oli and Dahal form a formidable team

The unification process between the CPN-UML and the CPN (Maoist Centre) is one of the most significant events in Nepal’s recent political history, and certainly the most significant one since the peace process started in 2006.

A lot has healed but scars remain

Tikapur was a ghostly town when I last visited 27 months ago. I had arrived two days after eight police officers, including a senior superintendent of police (SSP), were killed by an angry mob of mostly-Tharu protesters, and a day after members of the Pahadi population retaliated by setting fire to properties they believed to belong to the Tharus.

A turn in the South

More than what was said during the visit, Prime Minister Deuba’s recent Delhi sojourn should be seen against the larger backdrop of India’s relative isolation in the region and its desire to cultivate good ties with Nepal.

How Un-Green is My Valley

During a recent visit to my doctor, he noted that I had put on weight. I had noticed that my waistline was increasing by ever tightening trousers, some of which I have in fact been wearing for over twenty years. Thanks to my near-constant body weight and waistline—72kg and 32’.

Big bother

Diplomats keep their cool even at the worst of times. The best diplomats are pleasant, humble and refrain from revealing themselves on public platforms, especially when they are unhappy.

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