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‘I will treasure my time as the Lakhey while I can’

After twenty-five years of dancing as a Majipa Lakhey, Shiva Ranjit knows his age is slowly weighing him down for the part.
Shiva Ranjit, who works as a cook, has been one of the many faces behind the Majipa Lakhey for almost twenty-five years. For him, taking on the role of the Lakhey has been about upholding the intangible heritage of the Newa community.  Elite Joshi/ TKP
Srizu Bajracharya
Published at : October 2, 2021
Updated at : October 2, 2021 08:11

Srizu Bajracharya

Srizu Bajracharya is a Culture and Arts reporter for The Kathmandu Post.