As Kathmandu’s air gets worse, its residents struggle to breathe

Over the last month, the Post followed a small group of traffic constables across the city at different times of the day. With consent from the officers and permission from police headquarters, the Post facilitated health screening for some of the officers at the Nepal Police Hospital and asked prominent health professionals to examine the reports. The results, which include their chest x-rays, show the damaging effects of long-term exposure to particulate pollution.
Arpan Shrestha & Sanjog Manandhar
Published at : November 23, 2018
Updated at : June 26, 2019 14:35

Arpan Shrestha

Arpan Shrestha is a former producer for The Kathmandu Post. Before joining the Post in 2018, he was a freelance news and documentary producer and a former editor of Republica's The Week. Shrestha has a background in media production and programming.

Sanjog Manandhar

Sanjog Manandhar was a Photojournalist for The Kathmandu Post, covering political, social, cultural and current issues through the lens. Before joining the Post in 2012, he worked as a Photojournalist in Nepal Samacharpatra Daily for two years.