Renewed feud leads CPN-UML towards a vertical split

As Oli prevails, the Nepal-Khanal group is in a bid to form parallel party committees and has called a national gathering of its own on March 17-18.Renewed feud leads CPN-UML towards a vertical split
Since the court explicitly ordered the revival of the CPN-UML and the Maoist Centre, the Nepal group was left with no option but to return to the UML. Anish Regmi/Post File Photo
Tika R Pradhan
Published at : March 14, 2021
Updated at : March 14, 2021 07:24

Tika R Pradhan

Tika R Pradhan is a senior political correspondent for the Post, covering politics, parliament, judiciary and social affairs. Pradhan joined the Post in 2016 after working at The Himalayan Times for more than a decade.