Paddy transplantation begins amid fertiliser shortage fears

Officials at Agriculture Inputs Company say that sales resumed last week but stocks would not last long at any depot or cooperative due to panic buying. Paddy transplantation begins amid fertiliser shortage fears
Last Saturday, police seized some quantity of chemical fertiliser that was being brought by a group of women in Dodhara Chandani in Kanchanpur. PHOTO SOURCE: SOCIAL MEDIA
Sangam Prasain, Bhawani Bhatta & Mohan Budhaair
Published at : June 14, 2021
Updated at : June 15, 2021 11:14
Kathmandu & Dhangadhi & Kanchanpur

Sangam Prasain

Sangam Prasain is Business Editor at The Kathmandu Post, covering tourism, agriculture, mountaineering, aviation, infrastructure and other economic affairs. He joined The Kathmandu Post in October 2009.

Bhawani Bhatta

Bhawani Bhatta is the Kanchanpur correspondent for Kantipur Publications.

Mohan Budhaair

Mohan Budhaair is the Dadeldhura correspondent for Kantipur Media Group.