Cultivating and collaborating

In Mangalbazar, past a honking flood of vehicles, beyond a throng of people and behind the Krishna Mandir, there is a rose-pink structure with a large eyesore of a sign. This is the Yala Heritage Home and inside, on the top floor, is an artistic family. Eight people, representing their own diverse cultures and personalities, have gathered here to plumb the depths, circling the arts, culture, the environment and the people of the valley. These six artists, along with two curators, are part of Photo Kathmandu’s month-long mixed-media residency programme. Cultivating and collaborating
Abani Malla
Published at : October 13, 2018
Updated at : October 13, 2018 08:37

Abani Malla

Abani Malla was culture and arts reporter at The Kathmandu Post, who focused on the arts and lifestyle. She is also an illustrator and blogger.