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Politico-diplomatic quandary

Nepal, sandwiched between the two populous and fast rising economic and military powers, China and India, has a difficult task of managing its vital neighbourhood diplomacy, economy and political stability and is currently in the midst of a serious politico-diplomatic quandary.

Untimely sojourns

The on-going Indo-China tension in the Doklam tri-junction between Bhutan, China and India has given rise to two interesting debates in Nepal.

Milestone in Nepali-China ties

A new chapter in age-old Nepal-China ties opened in 1955 when Nepal established diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China and recognised Tibet as being part of it.

A mighty mess

Nepal needs to make many political and diplomatic changes for the smooth running of the country

Miles to go

While more funds are necessary for reconstruction, utilisation of resources looks to be a greater challenge

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