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The anatomy of heartbreak

The intensity of your love defines the intensity of your heartbreak. The deeper your love, the more unfathomable is your heartbreak. The shallower your love, the more fleeting your heartbreak is.


As a kid, if there was one thing that I feared, it was this particular feeling of loneliness. The realisation that I am all alone and that I am extremely helpless

Under the starry sky

The mundane reality, where I usually dwell, has completely lost its existence. Now I dwell in a different realm of existence

As silent as the midnight

He said to me once that a person devoid of passion was a living corpse; ever since then, whenever I was alone, I would ask if I was really a living corpse


Your mind is your maze. There is no escape. No one can help you find your way out but yourself

Dreamy conversations

When it’s time for her to sleep, she promises to meet him in her dream. And, the next day, they talk about their meeting in their respective dreams. She says she came to meet him in the form


Time and circumstance separated us, and it was at the moment of our separation that I realised I had no control over my life. Life has its own way, its own flow and rhythm. We are nothing bu

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