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No enforcement

It is customary in democratic countries to have some normative expectations from political parties and political actors. These are commonly expressed as Codes of Conduct (CoCs).

Taking responsibility

Impacts of global warming on a poor country like Nepal are manifold. The obvious impact of global warming is the diminution of snow fall in the Himalayas.

The missed bus?

Six Madhes-centred parties merged in April to form a national level party called the Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal (RJP-N), but they have not shunned their old regional approach.

No horn, please

The Traffic Control Department of Nepal Police has recently implemented a plan penalising the blowing of vehicular horns in inappropriate places. This was a long overdue and welcome step. But there are various flaws in this plan--especially in its execution.

Not over yet

That the first phase of the local elections has been held is a great achievement. The government and the Election Commission (EC) deserve to be complimented on this feat; they have overcome several hurdles along the way.

Are journalists opinion-makers?

On several occasions, I have been referred to as a journalist. While I have never identified myself as a journalist, I have been writing about my personal views as a political analyst.

Nepali diaspora in Australia II

I saw a satirical note on Facebook posted by renowned opinion maker Karna Shakya a few weeks ago in which he said that the Nepali diaspora in Australia is attracting the youth from Nepal

Trumping the world?

I am not an expert in international relations, but as a student of political science, I keep more than a common reader’s interest in global politics.

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