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Do you bow down to the Yeti?

Why are our politicians and civil servants only interested in filling up their pockets while emptying the national coffer and bankrupting this country?

The Amriki money

It took us another 15 years to sign the MCC agreement and it can only be implemented if our good for nothing parliament ratifies it.

Retire at 60?

This is the land where our state treasury is dry but the backyards of our politicians and civil servants are filled with boras of cash.

The ‘Xi’ effect

China will probably take over the world in the next 20 years, and India will be an economic giant. But what about us?

The constitution context

It is our constitutional right not to even celebrate Constitution Day and that doesn’t make us traitors.

P for protocol

When it comes to our folks serving in the Indian Army, our government should ask the Indians if they are going to war with Pakistan anytime soon.

Visit elsewhere except Nepal

There is nothing wrong with our politicians taking a vacation but why go abroad and spend your own money when you can travel across the country and spend it here.

RAW meat

Why do we even have an intelligence agency of our own when we do not even gather any intelligence on anyone who might be a threat to our nation’s interest?

Monsoon maladies

Every monsoon, our capital turns into mini-Venice. Our potholes are large enough to swallow our motorcycles and mancheys. But our Mayors don’t care at all.

In tyrant we trust!

In this great republic, I think our netas have forgotten that they are here to serve the public. 

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