Dipendra Jha

Jha is a lawyer practicing at the Supreme Court.

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Fast-track the amendment

The unification of the six constituents of the United Democratic Madhesi Front into a new party, the Rastriya Janata Party, has got hopes up in Madhes.

No more interference

The recommendation made by the Judicial Council (JC) for 80 High Court judges last January was criticised by the civil society and the Nepal Bar Association (NBA) because it had been decided at midnight,

Better luck next year

The year 2016 brought big hope as Madhesi forces mellowed and abandoned extreme measures of protest to champion their cause.

First things first

The constitution cannot be an obstacle to finding a progressive solution to political and social problems

Amendment is possible

Conservative interpretation of the constitution that allows room to impose subjective and elitist values should be avoided

Missing roadmap

Kathmandu is still not listening to protestors even after they have changed their extreme form of protest

Dateline Birgunj

Madhesis could feel further alienated by the state if the movement does not bring any substantive change

Hope and no change

The first draft of the constitution has met with widespread protests from the Madhesis, Janajatis, women, Dalits, Muslims and other marginalised communities.

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