Dinesh Kafle

Kafle is a Nepali translator based in New Delhi.

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Who's afraid of dialogue?

Humility and critical thinking help individuals and nations alike to engage in a mutually beneficial experience of truth-seeking with the other.

Creative freedom and fragile sentiments

The Supreme Court saw merit in the defendants’ pleas, and ruled to the effect that is necessary to consider whether the vocabulary used in the literary work is used to defame and demean a certain community or to highlight the stories of humiliation and misery that community faces.

Aditya-path and the blindness of insight

This seemingly concerted building of myths around the boy remind us of a similar practice in the mid-2000s, when Ram Bahadur Bomjan, the meditating boy who was given the epithet of ‘Little Buddha’ was raised to the status of a demigod.

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