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The last flicker dies

The sun poured out onto the streets. The wind, crisp and dry, howled like a fire storm. And if you blundered to venture out in the sun, you could feel the fiery fingers of heat slip towards your throat to strangle you.

Mother and son

The feeling you have in your heart when you study those advanced equations is the real feeling of love; all other is just a mirage


The man raised his head and looked at them. These are strange nightingales, he thought. I have seen this species of birds but never like them. Then what are they? Nightingales, I’m sure they are not. Perhaps they are the messengers from god, or maybe they are the lost fragments of my past. Or maybe they are just birds, a new species of them. “Whatever,” he whispered to himself and abandoned the thought


Her copper brown hair will start to fall out in thick lumps and it will be impossible to keep the fragmented patches of remaining hair. So one day she will come to you with her shaved head

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