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Khatiwada is a tech enthusiast, and an SEO expert by profession.

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Connect IPS: Payments made easier

With increasing digitisation and mobile penetration in Nepal, more and more people now have access to the internet. Digital advancement can make life simpler and easier, with internet businesses striving to provide hassle-free and time and cost-effective services.

Google Ads in Nepal

Digitalisation has been the new age model for the businesses with the advent of growing use of internet. The progression towards the digital business idea has been specially a game changer for marketing, which has also been adopted by a number of Nepali entrepreneurs in recent years.

What’s eating Facebook?

Facebook suffered a huge scandal after it was revealed that political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica had managed to access the personal information of nearly 87 million users. Two months after the scandal, many of Facebook’s investors fled.

Top Televisions in Nepal under 100 thousands

Gone are the days when we had to sit in front of a fat-bellied television screen to watch our favourite shows. And the struggle because of the narrow viewing angle and the low-resolution display is yet unforgettable.

A whole new generation of iPhones were unveiled, but at what cost?

Apple recently became a trillion dollar company while also becoming the first to acquire such a distinction. Needless to say, there was immense fan fare when the tech titan unveiled its latest series of phones. Cutting through the hype, let’s try and make a fair assessment of what exactly Apple has to offer in its new phones and how they relate to the Nepali buyer-ship.

New dawn

The smartphone market is flooded with comparable products from various brands and the competition is at an all-time high. If you are someone who loves to keep an eye on what’s new and trending, here are the top smartphones that were recently launched in the Nepali market.

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