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Honey from home

At the mountain hilltop of Silinge, Makwanpur, Chepang farmers produce honey from the nectar of wild tree—Chuiri. The delectable honey that swiftly melts in one’s mouth, initially was extracted from over 5,000 hives.

What makes a YouTube star?

Sajin Maharjan is no stranger to mockery. The YouTube personality, infamous for his atonal singing, has been relentlessly mocked ever since he started publishing on the video-sharing platform, in April 2012. But that hasn’t stopped Maharjan;

Republic Memorial unclear on what and who it commemorates

To the east of the Narayanhiti Palace, in the heart of Kathmandu, lies a park sprawling over 35 ropanis. There are gardens and stone-paved walkways, along with a giant elliptical structure with four pedestals, one in each cardinal direction. But there are no people in the park, as its gates have never opened to the public.

Walk and earn

With the New Year, resolutions are made every year to exercise more, stay healthy and walk and run more. But as with most resolutions, a few weeks into the new year, they tend to get forgotten. But if you could get paid for staying fit, would that encourage you to walk or run more?

The Mahakavi’s scribe

What Lord Ganesh was to Maharshi Vyas, I was to Devkota ji,” says Shyam Das Baishnav, referring to his long-standing friendship with Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota. 

Book fair of Nepal Academy publications till Jan 11

A book fair of publications from the Nepal Academy is currently running at its premises in Kamaladi. The Nepal Academy is the national institution behind the promotion of language, literature, culture, and social science, and publishes a fair number of books every year.

Dalit homestay blazes a trail in fighting ‘untouchability’

Homestays have become a common sight in rural Nepal—tourists pay to spend a few nights with locals in their homes, eating what they eat, living how they live. But in Vyas Municipality of Tanahu district, there is a homestay with a difference—this institution is run completely by Dalits, a group once considered ‘untouchable’.

Understanding language and literature

Nepal-born Canadian author Manjushree Thapa shared her experience of learning and translating Nepali literature, and its influence on her works, at a talk titled ‘(Almost) Everything I’ve Learned About Nepali Literature is Wrong’ organised by Martin Chautari at its premises in Thapathali on December 27.

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