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Border police seize trucks loaded with illegal goods

Smuggling cases of pepper, maize and garments at the border areas have been on the rise. According to a report provided by the District Police Office, Parsa, the office confiscated garments worth Rs7.9 million that passed through illegal channels from last mid-April.

Sirsiya Dry Port sees surge in theft cases

Theft cases in the warehouse at the Dry Port in Sirsiya, Brigunj, have reportedly been increasing. According to Himalayan Terminal, the company operating the Dry Port, 24 bottles of Black Label alcohol and a computer set have been stolen.

Transport syndicates collect fees illegally

Four transport syndicates operating on Birgunj-Kathmandu route are collecting extra fees of up to Rs470 from each cargo truck operating on the sector, exerting upward pressure on prices of various goods bound for the capital.

Locals launch protest as ICP nears completion

Locals of Alau and Sirsiya in Birgunj have launched a protest to exert pressure on the government to provide adequate compensation for the land that they relinquished for construction of the Integrated Check Point (ICP), a facility that is expected to facilitate Nepal-India trade and transit.

Imports, revenues slump as banks tighten lending

With banks tightening lending due to a receding supply of loanable funds, imports of luxury automobiles and industrial raw materials have dropped markedly, leading to a sharp drop in revenue collection at Birgunj Customs.

Birgunj town struggles to get back on its feet

In the third week of September, when continuous protests and an unofficial blockade by the southern neighbour struck Birgunj, a vibrant business city of the country, like a bolt from the blue, the commercial hub had to knock off its trade—not out of choice but out of compulsion.

Chicken imports swell as local output drops

Meanwhile, animal quarantine offices have been criticized for issuing good health certificates for imported chicken products. The quarantine office should also be strict with regard to quality,” said KC.

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