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The fifth generation

About two years ago, Qualcomm, the telecommunications equipment company, unveiled a chipset that would support next generation connectivity, a successor to 4G. The following year, they named that technology ‘5G’ and now, they’ve been working to bring this feature to the public in early 2019.

Affordable Music Boxes

Today, we rely on our smartphones for almost everything. They have become indispensable to us for day to day use whether it be for work or entertainment. However, one thing we reviewers always complain about are the speakers on the smartphones, which have never been the chief focus of developers and thus are often neglected.

All about the camera!

In the past few years, various Chinese brands have come to dominate the mid-range market for phones. With new models launched every year, this ‘middle’ market for phones is becoming ever more competitive with multiple brands vying for attention with new and nifty designs and improved functionality.

New kids on the block

The smartphone market is booming like never before and Nepal too is currently flooded with new phone launches wanting to cash in on the action.

Top entry-level cameras

A few years ago, traditional cameras (DSLRs and mirrorless) were quite popular in Nepal. A lot of people from different age groups could be seen with a DSLR camera. However, there was one thing that these gadgets didn’t offer—portability.

How good is this Note?

2017 was the year of Chinese smartphones in Nepal. Even though heavy weight international brands continue to command a lion’s share of the market, the growth of Chinese devices in the last year was commendably rapid.

Going digital, staying neutral

OnePlus recently launched their second flagship of 2017—the OnePlus 5T. Among the few changes OnePlus made, a different camera setup is one of them.

Packing a punch

Samsung has of late updated its J-series with quite a few promising devices, with the like of J7 Max, J7 Pro, and J7 Plus.

The future is here

If you follow the tech-world closely, you have probably heard of IFA Berlin. IFA is one of the biggest trade shows in the world, which exhibits and introduces an array of new, useful, and occasionally weird electronic devices.

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