Aadesh Subedi

Subedi is a graduate student of Agricultural Economics at the University of Georgia.

Latest from Aadesh Subedi

Deciphering destiny

Days were made of violence and quarrels in their home. Yet, the children grew in the shade of their mother’s love.

The brightest star

Do we really turn into a star after our demise?” she asked in disbelief. With a sly smile on her face, Sita pulled her daughter in her lap and replied, “Yes! We transform into one of those bright stars after our death.

A clenched fist

Even the creator is biased. Not everyone is bequeathed with equal beginnings into this world. Some, it seems, are naturally blessed as victors while some are their preordained victims.

Focus on farming

The evolution of agriculture in any country is gauged by its average farm size. As agriculture adopts new technologies and innovations, it gradually rises up in scale and subsequently production.

Make a wish

Trickles of mist veined through the window pane in that cold winter evening as Radha sat beside the window, with a doll deeply buried in her arms.

Under the hot sun

Mina lived with a perennial fear: the fear of that thumping knock at the door, the fear of the torture she would have to endure

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