Long wait for loved ones—and for justice

On a chilly evening on January 3, 2004, about a dozen police officers in civilian clothing came to the Bhotahiti-based shop of Hira Bahadur Roka and asked him to come along for questioning. They didn’t tell him what it was about or where he was being taken, but they assured him that he’d be released within a few hours.Fourteen years later, Roka’s family is still waiting for him to return. Following months of search, the family discovered that Roka had been taken to Maharajgunj-based Bhairavnath Battalion of Nepal Army, after he was held inside a few police stations within the Valley. Long wait for loved ones—and for justice
Binod Ghimire
Published at : August 30, 2018
Updated at : August 30, 2018 13:44

Binod Ghimire

Binod Ghimire covers parliamentary affairs and human rights for The Kathmandu Post. Since joining the Post in 2010, he has reported primarily on social issues, focusing on education and transitional justice.