Operators call for water transport regulation

Motorboats, jetboats and small cruises are increasingly becoming popular across the country for transportation and tourism purposes, but the government is yet to have laws to raise taxes and monitor them. Operators call for water transport regulation
Though Nepali Shipping Office is designated for the overall monitoring of water transport, it has failed to function due to a lack of legislation. POST FILE PHOTO
Pradeep Menyangbo & Ramesh Kumar Paudel
Published at : February 26, 2023
Updated at : February 27, 2023 07:37
Sunsari & Chitwan

Pradeep Menyangbo

Pradeep Menyangbo is the Sunsari correspondent for Kantipur Media Group.

Ramesh Kumar Paudel

Ramesh Kumar Paudel is the Chitwan correspondent for Kantipur Publications.