New Road’s iconic peepal bot altered irrevocably

It was the late 1950s. The 104-year despotic Rana regime had come to an end and there was newfound freedom in the air. New Road, formerly Juddha Sadak, was where Kathmandu came alive, and down near the statue of Juddha Shumsher, opposite the ancient Ranjana galli, a stately peepal tree spread its canopy, shielding a motley crew of poets, writers, activists, politicians and layabouts from the sun. New Road’s iconic peepal bot altered irrevocably
Alisha Sijapati
Published at : December 29, 2018
Updated at : December 30, 2018 07:16

Alisha Sijapati

Alisha Sijapati was a arts and culture reporter at The Kathmandu Post, primarily covering human interest stories. She is intrigued by history, culture and films. Before joining the Post in 2015, she worked as a journalist for The Himalayan Times and ECS Media.