Fiction carries heavy responsibility

Yogmaya is one of the most interesting characters in Nepali history—an early 20th century poet turned social activist who went to found the first women’s rights organisation, and then led 60-something of her followers to a mass suicide. This fascinating persona is the primary character in Yogmaya, novelist and poet Neelam Karki’s recent Madan Puraskar winning novel. Karki, who writes under the nom-de-plume Niharika, is the author of books such as Beli, Hawaan and Cheerharan. In this interview with the Post, Karki talks about the book that won her Nepali literature’s highest honour and her journey as a young woman interested in reading to the centre of the Nepali literary stage. Fiction carries heavy responsibility
Published at : September 1, 2018
Updated at : September 1, 2018 08:28