Toilers by day, students by night

By seven in the evening, a crisp, winter dusk is settling upon the vast expanse of Nandikeshwor Bagaincha in Naxal. The schools have been out for hours now and the children are home turning over the last pages of their assignments or finishing their dinners before bed. But at the south eastern tip of the ground, at Nandikeshwor Bahal, a group of students are only halfway through their classes—their heads bent over the books before them or affixed on a blackboard dimly lit by paraffin lamps. Their classes end only at 9:30 pm. Toilers by day, students by night
Prawash Gautam
Published at : May 12, 2018
Updated at : May 12, 2018 08:53

Prawash Gautam

Prawash Gautam is an independent researcher with an interest in social history.