The spirit of service

A few names stand out in the public service sector. The Bagmati Clean-up Campaign spearheaded by then-chief secretary Leela Mani Paudyal, who is currently Nepal’s ambassador to China, maintains its spirit even in his absence. Whenever there is chaos on the road, people remember Sitaram Hachhethu, the tough traffic cop. Kulman Ghishing lit up Nepalis’ faces by lifting the veil of endemic ‘load-shedding’. The spirit of service
Mohan Guragain
Published at : April 21, 2018
Updated at : April 21, 2018 08:49

Mohan Guragain

Mohan Guragain is a desk editor at The Kathmandu Post. He edited a provincial youth-oriented monthly paper for nearly two years before joining The Himalayan Times in 2008. Guragain also writes occasionally on politics and socio-economic issues. He joined the Post in 2010.