The age of the anti-hero

What inspired the stories in your latest book, Pratinayak?Pratinayak is a collection of stories which covers various phases that the Nepali society has gone through. I did not write this book in a single sitting. I wrote the stories over a span of many years. This anthology has stories that range from the ones I wrote when I was just starting out as a writer to ones that I wrote only very recently. In a way, this book sums up my writing journey till date and compiles stories that best describe my style of writing. Hence, I cannot put a finger on a single thing that inspired all the stories. All stories are unique in their own way, and every story is inspired by a different scenario. However, the theme that binds all the stories together is the hardship and struggle of the Nepali people. Our society has gone through various changes over the last few decades. This book is an effort to put light on that evolution and how it has changed lives of the people across the country. The age of the anti-hero
Published at : September 16, 2017
Updated at : September 16, 2017 12:06