A flower on a lake

I’ll be honest. When I first heard about the possibility of visiting Mugu, I was hesitant. It seemed so far away. And the trip wasn’t meant to be leisurely. It wasn’t going to be a week of just walking through the Western hills where I could pause and marvel at the changing landscape. We would be staying in Mugu’s headquarter, Gamgadi, at a lodge, with a team of a dozen. The trip would end with a visit to Rara Lake. But still. A week in Gamgadi seemed like a stretch. A flower on a lake
Niranjan Kunwar
Published at : October 15, 2016
Updated at : October 15, 2016 20:07

Niranjan Kunwar

Kunwar is the author of ‘Between Queens and the Cities’, a queer memoir published by FinePrint in 2020.