Looking in, looking out

I was away from Nepal during the Aarohan Gurukul years. After returning, I learnt about Sunil Pokhrel’s theatre work, mainly through word of mouth. He set up the Gurukul School of Theatre in Purano Baneshwor in 2002, which became quite influential. Students received intensive residential training; they in turn participated in house-full productions. Due to various reasons, the physical space of Aarohan Gurukul was demolished after a nine-year run. I never got to see it. But some of Pokhrel’s students, I heard, clustered and founded their own theatre groups.Looking in, looking out
Niranjan Kunwar
Published at : September 17, 2016
Updated at : September 17, 2016 08:42

Niranjan Kunwar

Kunwar writes about arts and education.