Karnali Province

‘Sticker campaign’ promoting crime reporting in Karnali

Under the campaign, stickers with police phone numbers are pasted on houses in the province. Criminal complaints have increased markedly, say police. ‘Sticker campaign’ promoting crime reporting in Karnali
A police team pasting a sticker with police phone numbers at a house in a remote village of Karnali province in the recent photo. The campaign has made it easier for people in remote areas to inform the police about suspicious and criminal activities, police said.  Jyotee Katuwal/TKP
Jyotee Katuwal
Published at : September 6, 2023
Updated at : September 6, 2023 07:46

Jyotee Katuwal

Jyotee Katuwal is Karnali Province correspondent for Kantipur Publications.