From trash to treasure

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, so goes the old adage, but two women—Ojaswi Baidya and Loonibha Manandhar—seem to have taken this saying to heart. They are co-founders of Tyre Treasure, a company that turns old, used tyres from cars, trucks and buses into recycled furniture.

The word ‘handicraft’ has been exploited and misused in our country

Born and raised around Patan Durbar Square, Pravin Chitrakar was always surrounded by centuries of culture and heritage. As he grew older, his sense of wonder at the intricacy and beauty of his architectural heritage never ceased. Upon completing his civil engineering degree from Nagpur in 1992, Chitrakar returned to Kathmandu and began helping out his family, who was involved with Patan Handicrafts.

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