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Trees could save Kathmandu. But can Kathmandu save its trees?

As more trees and open spaces disappear in the name of urbanisation in the Kathmandu Valley, unwelcome—and unhealthy—changes are expected to arise.
The Kathmandu valley is already heavily urbanised, but it is expected to grow faster, at a rate of 3.94 percent—the fastest in South Asia. Sanjog Manandhar/TKP
Marissa Taylor
Published at : August 31, 2019
Updated at : September 1, 2019 10:12

Marissa Taylor

Marissa Taylor is the Culture and Arts editor at The Kathmandu Post. In addition to her copy-editing duties, Taylor also pursues long-form reporting. Before joining the Post, she worked as a journalist at The Himalayan Times and M&S VMAG.