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Folk and flawed

On the face of it, the ten stories in Folk Gods, a collection of tales from around the sacred Kailash region in Nepal, India and the Tibet Autonomous region of China, are just that—stories about gods and goddesses (if not them, their vessels or other supernatural beings) and their affairs, which usually involve battling demons, witches and ogres or helping humans do the same.

Not like changing shirts

In City of Dreams, Rana’s stories are not superficial renderings of everyday Nepali life; they are animated with each character’s fear, insecurities and desire to become.

The greener grass on the other side

After a month-long vacation, Pushpa Bajracharya flew back to Dubai on Thursday, to resume his work as a merchandiser at a distribution company called Transmed Overseas

That elusive subsidy

On October 2, the shelter cluster, which is responsible for coordinating the relief and recovery work related to post earthquake housing plans, published a document that answered some of the questions pertinent to reconstruction. Among other things, the document tried to answer questions related to the government subsidy of Rs 200,000—an amount the government aims to provide to every household whose house was completely damaged in the earthquake.

Shelters to houses

The Wednesday before last, on the day of the Teej festival, a colleague and I met with a group of volunteers in Gorkha Bazaar to understand why the reports they had been sending sounded repetitive week after week.

Parallel circuits

A group of women sit on a foam mattress in a room surrounded by corrugated iron sheets for walls. The room is a makeshift classroom set up in the fringes of Chautara, Sindhupalchok, to teach these women the skills needed to work as electricians.

The price of politicking

On Tuesday, the Society of Ex-Budhanilkantha Students (SEBS) dropped off 2,000 tarpaulin sheets and 60 tonnes

Mistreated in Malaysia

About three weeks ago, Tika Rijal was walking out of his hostel—an apartment block where migrant workers are housed—in Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Green battalions

In late January, I visited the Doon Valley and the Mussoorie hills in Uttarakhand, India, with other journalists and environment

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