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Transformer blasts common in Valley

Workload has suddenly gone up for Nepal Electricity Authority’s (NEA) technician Arjun Katuwal these days as he has to reach at least two dozen sites a day to repair transformers

Police file case against Dugar

The police on Friday filed a case against proprietor and officials of KL Dugar Group in the Kathmandu District Court on charge of black marketing of edible oil.

LG, Samsung roll out new washer-dryers

Dealers of washing machines have started rolling out new products despite gloomy market conditions hoping that the economy will recover soon from the devastating effects created by India’s unofficial embargo.

Prices of dry fruits jump

Prices of dry fruits have rocketed in the Kathmandu valley, making ‘Bhaimasala’ costlier this Tihar. While some traders attributed the price rise to low supply amid sudden rise in demand

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