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Utopian dream

Incoming government needs to aim high if it is to seriously reduce corruption

Bulldozing history

Without our priceless heritage sites, we run the risk of losing our very identity as Nepalis in the long run

Year of surprises

Even with all the political changes 2017 brought, it wouldn’t be surprising if we reverted to uncertainty next year

Challenges ahead

Those in newly elected Parliament must ensure that welfare of people takes precedence over petty party interests

Sounding the alarm

Delhi’s smog is a warning for all countries and cities in Asia where the pollution level is high

Media malpractice?

Mass media is not merely a means of disseminating news; it is also very important for moulding opinions

Fragmentation of Tundikhel

Nowhere is the rapid and unwarranted diminishing of open spaces in the Kathmandu Valley more visible than in the fragmentation of Tundikhel, by far the biggest public playground and open space in the Capital.

No horn, no jaywalking

Recent initiatives are good, but additional measures are needed to instil civic sense in drivers and pedestrians

Mother of all evils

Nuclear bombs may kill millions of people, but they cannot kill ideologies and concepts

The result of appeasement

In the past couple of months, there have been reports that the demonetisation in India of 500 and 1000 rupee notes has had an adverse impact on Nepali traders, the business community and the industrial sector.

Impending doom

We could have averted the disaster that Hawking warns us about had we been aware of the dangers that modern technologies pose

Unreal dream

Perhaps it’s time to form a new regional cooperation group among the smaller countries in South Asia

A routine visit

The fact that parties have different views on foreign policy makes Nepal more prone to international influence

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