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51,680 vehicles imported via Birgunj

Nepal imported 51,680 automobiles through Birgunj customs and the Integrated Check Post (ICP) in the first two and a half months of the fiscal year, up from 50,856 automobiles during the same period last year.

Repair works at Gandak Canal delayed by India

Nepali famers that plan to utilise the Gandak Irrigation Canal during paddy plantation this season might face difficulties irrigating their fields as Indian officials have yet to complete maintenance works at the different sections of the canal that fall within the Indian territory.

Sirsiya port meets revenue target

The customs office at Sirsiya Dry Port, which had fallen short of the revenue target for the month of Baisakh (mid-April to mid-May), has met the target for Jestha five days ahead of the mid-June.

Govt mulls plan to boost traffic at ICP

The government is planning to make it mandatory for empty cargo vehicles returning to India via Birgunj to use the newly built integrated check post (ICP) in Birgunj. The Birgunj Customs Office made the decision in a bid to operate the country’s only ICP at a higher capacity.

Road upgradation project grounds to a halt in Birgunj

The Birgunj-Pathlaiya road upgradation project has ground to a halt and is unlikely to meet the completion deadline. The contractor tasked with a 5.8km section that stretches from Simara to Jitpur has not carried out construction work for the last three months.

Nepal starts getting more fertiliser

The frequency in arrival of consignments of chemical fertiliser is gradually increasing, providing a big relief to the country which was witnessing rapid depletion in the stock of the key agricultural input.

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