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Adhikari is an editor and video presenter at Gadgetbyte Nepal.

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Phones, speakers and everything else

Hi there, I have been looking to buy a smartphone for around Rs 40,000. I’ve looked at a few options and all of them look nice. I don’t have any particular aspect where the phone needs to excel.

Xiaomi Mi A2: Packing the punch

Smartphone users are consistently on a hunt for updated phones that don’t leave a hole in their wallet. They want phones that are affordable, chic and durable. But, not all phones that promise value for money live up to the customer’s faith. A new mid-range phone that promises performance features, and quality has just arrived in town. Let’s see if Xiaomi Mi A2, available in the market for Rs 30, 999, is worth your money.

Samsung Note 9: Beauty or a burden?

Every year we see smartphone companies scramble to come up with the most eye- catching designs, innovative software additions, and extensive advertisement campaigns to try and give themselves an edge over competitors—who, in all truth, offer devices that are more or less the same, as far as functionality is concerned.

Your first machine

Devices, devices, devices—owning one is no longer an option but a necessity. Whether it be a smartphone , a tablet or a laptop, we need at least one of these things to stay social and remain connected to the interwebs.

The best for my needs

Hello, I recently completed the SEE exams and I am looking to buy a smartphone for myself. This is the first smartphone I am going to buy and my budget is Rs 20,000. I love playing games and I also expect good performance from my device.

Business and productivity

The Vostro 5000 series is among the latest, most affordable and handy laptops from Dell. The Dell Vostro 5468 is a portable and lightweight laptop from the company that is specifically targeted for business purposes. In this review, we will see how the Dell Vostro 5468 performs in real life.

New kids on the block

High-end phones have their niche customers but there is no denying that mid-range smartphones are all the rage in the Nepali market.

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