Pramod Mishra

Pramod Mishra is a biweekly columnist for The Kathmandu Post. He is the department chair of English Studies at Lewis University in the United States.

Latest from Pramod Mishra

Free flow of ideas

One of the only positive side effects of the current pandemic has been a great increase in the discussion of ideas virtually.

Us and them

In Nepal, divisions created by differences in caste, culture, gender, religion and vested interests are aplenty.

No justice, no peace

Young people are coming out for the very first time to protest against injustices. These newly minted activists may change the world profoundly.

Dying to get home

Both Modi and Oli did not have the imagination and sensitivity to anticipate the hardships that migrant workers would face by the lockdown.

We shall overcome

Faced with this unprecedented virus, how long will it be before America makes a vaccine and anti-viral drug?

Ideology of hate

It’s up to the Hindu middle class to rescue the soul of India from the clutches of hate mongers.

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