Pramod Mishra

Pramod Mishra is a biweekly columnist for The Kathmandu Post. He is the department chair of English Studies at Lewis University in the United States.

Latest from Pramod Mishra

America’s D-Day

The country that preached democracy to the world seemed, for a while, to be losing its own grip on the system at home.

New eyes and ears

There is much to do before Nepali society appreciates the likes of Sapana Roka Magar without the instructive gaze of the international media.

American dilemma

Trumpism may survive even after January 2021, but the Obamas and Harrisses in the US show the hopeful side of the country.

An ideology of exclusion

Only by exposing its fraudulent nature and inhumanity example by example can caste be eradicated from the Hindu consciousness.

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