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Milking strategy

Despite sufficient dairy technicians, the DDC is neither running in profit nor has strategic vision for management

Better output

Past subsidy programmes in agriculture have had mixed results, but the government still has a role to play to strengthen agro-output

Fish as food

Aquaculture is the rearing of fish in water under controlled conditions. It can be done in fresh water (inland water), brackish water and marine water (sea).

Efficient fertiliser use

Unbalanced fertiliser use, inappropriate crop varieties and delays in sowing are the most important controllable factors reducing fertiliser efficiency.

Land of milk and honey

Nepal produces 1,725,000 tonnes of milk annually. The Tarai has a higher growth rate, and milk output here is higher than in the hills.

Count your chickens

Nepal’s poultry sector needs to tap into a swelling market for fast food in urban areas

As you sow

An infrastructural development programme is required to ensure quality seed supplies

Seeds of hope

Maintaing a buffer stock of seeds will help meet its demand in times of disasters like the recent quake

Seeds for the future

Seed subsidies can help the seed industry grow rapidly and also attract domestic and foreign investment.

The right price

A sound agricultural pricing policy can help achieve self sufficiency in food grains and increase their export potential.

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