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Thapa is a Pokhara-based freelance writer. He can be reached at [email protected].

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Fire and smokes

After electric crematoriums were installed at Pashupati Ghat, the income of cremators like Jiban was gravely affected.

Protector of Pachyu culture

Pachyu Thauba Chyangli Gurung, a senior priest in Pokhara, teaches unique cultural practices to interested children in his community.

Will you, my dear son?

Chandramaya, who never went to school, wanted her only son, Bishal, to study abroad and lead a successful life.

A father’s sacrifices

After his wife’s death, Tirtha refused to remarry and decided to raise his young children on his own.

The ropeway

How a young girl fought against all odds to reach a position to help others like her.


Prithvi had come from a humble background. His father was a primary school teacher in a government school and his mother was a housewife.

The porter

Anderson started calling out his wife’s name hysterically, but no one was there to help him. He was convinced the porter took off with his belongings and something horrible had happened to his wife.

The tourist

The wounded man was tall and carrying him was tough, but the boys managed it because it was a matter of life and death.

The hero

Kamal, who had gone to the US for his higher studies, has come back home. Now he is determined to make it a better place.

Fear of the unknown

Ravi is worried that his wife Sweta is getting mentally ill. To ensure she gets better, he takes her to a psychiatric in Varanasi.

A house in Kathmandu

They decided to move to Kathmandu when they realised their love could no more blossom back in the village.

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