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The foreign hand

Located between the two most populous countries, India and China, which are also among the fastest growing economies in the world, Nepal can benefit greatly from her position.

Dynamics and geo-politics

On October 3, the mainstream communist party, CPN-UML, and the main faction of combative communists, Maoist Centre, forged an electoral alliance.

Doklam stand-off and Nepal

Last month, India sent troops to block China’s efforts to build a road on the Doklam plateau. Currently regarded as Chinese territory, the Doklam plateau has also been claimed by Bhutan.

Election silver lining

The much awaited polls for the local bodies are over in three provinces that comprise 287 village and municipal communities out of over 700. The elections results, though painfully slow, are coming in.

Faulty appointment

On January 8, the Supreme Court quashed the recommendation of the Constitutional Council (CC) and subsequent act of the President to appoint Lok Man Singh Karki to the powerful post of Chief of Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) made some four years before.

Not so new

Bhattarai’s initiative has shown some promising signs, but it is beset by significant challenges

Oli the dreamer

Excited and carried away by the flattery of his blind followers, Oli keeps generating fresh controversies

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