CK Lal

CK Lal is an opinion columnist for The Kathmandu Post and Kantipur Daily. His columns appear in the Post every other Wednesday.

Latest from CK Lal

The power of the throne

The ruling party continues to play games of power, even as the status quo is maintained and the opposition is crippled.

The enigma of Xi Thought

Other than the application of an ethno-national template in politics, its relevance in Nepal is even less clear.

Spy on thy neighbours

Nepal’s geostrategic position makes it the perfect place for clandestine diplomatic consultations.

The Bamar Republic

Paranoia is central to the idea of ethnonationalism and Myanmar was not spared by it. 

In the name of merit

It needs emphasising that merit isn’t inherited with the DNA of a person despite claims to the contrary.

Saarc on life support

India may not be willing to end the experiment, but it’s unlikely to help in the revival of the grouping.

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