Aman Koirala

Aman Koirala is the Sarlahi correspondent for Kantipur Media Group.

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Sugarane farmers call off protests

Sugarcane farmers in Sarlahi district called off their two-week long protests on Tuesday after farmers and mill operators reached a 6-point agreement to settle outstanding payment to farmers.

Province 2 sugarcane farmers defy odds

Sugarcane farms in Province 2 may have been negatively affected by the lack of labour, aging farmers, payment disputes, unfavourable climate and a delay of mechanisation, but sugarcane output has been on increasing trend.

Tomato farmers taking home upto Rs1m daily

Tomato farmers have been rejoicing as favorable climatic conditions have led to a bumper harvest. Every day, farmers are supplying more than 50 tonnes of tomato to different parts of the country and pocketing over Rs1 million per day. Sarlahi is famous in the country for tomato cultivation.

Sarlahi’s rural voters don’t know how to vote

Many voters in remote areas of Sarlahi do not know how to cast their votes in the September 18 local level election, though the District Election Office has claimed that it has mobilised 501 people for voter education programme.

Province 2 to see little dev activities this year

Province 2 will not see much development activities in the next few months as it will not be able to utilise a big chunk of the budget provided by the central government due to postponement of local level elections and upcoming festive season.

SSFN Chairman Yadav faces backlash in Madhes

Sanghiya Samajswadi Forum Nepal (SSFN) Chairman Upendra Yadav, who was regarded as an architect in Madhes for waging campaigns for rights of Madhes and Madhesis ten years ago, has faced backlash in the southern belt on Sunday.

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