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Age is just a number

Seated in her classroom, 82-year-old Til Kumari Ranabhat recollects the one-room building perched on a distant hill she grew up looking at everyday as a child in remote Tanahun. “It used to be a school,” she says, “But growing up in a large, impoverished family of 12, we never had the opportunity to attend it.”

Jalarika foundation felicitates writers

This year’s Buddhi-Resham Memorial Artists’ Felicitation has been awarded to three senior writers from Nepal. In a programme organised by the Jalarika Literary Foundation, on Monday, writers Krishna Bhakta Shrestha, Anita Tuladhar, and Ashesh Malla were conferred the awards in genres poetry, story, and theatre, respectively.

Tall in the saddle

At sundown each evening, the New Baneshwor junction transforms into a melee of people desperate to get home.

The test of time

Built by Kaji Abhiman Singh Basnyat in 1777 AD, the Paltan Ghar in Balkumari, Asan, is a house that distinctly stands out but also melts into its surroundings at the same time. Its imposing white facade and its vaulted windows are caked with thick layers of dust; and cable wires and election posters dangle hither-thither. Here, brass pots and butter lamps spill out into the street from their tiny, box stores and thousands of people walk by each day without noticing a traditional Ayurvedic store that dates back to the early sixteenth century.

The ‘two-thirds’ delusion

Our government will take the issues regarding environment with greatest emphasis ever.’ I heard a prominent left alliance leader saying when I attended a BBC world service debate.

Down to the river

Every Saturday morning, volunteers equipped with gloves, masks, and knee-high gum boots can be seen wading in the murky waters of the Bagmati, fishing out solid waste by the tonne.

Best foot forward

51-year-old Ram Bahadur Thapa, a porter by trade, had become anxious in the last few years because of a rapid decline in work opportunities in the Capital.

Embrace Yoga to fight your demons

My understanding of Yoga was limited to stretching of limbs and breathing exercises, thanks to the images that appear on print and broadcast media. Recently, when I dived deeper, I learnt that there was so much about it that I still needed to learn.

Checking privileges

The return from the Machhapuchhre village felt like a movie. The weather was horrible, it was raining. Everybody was down with viral fever.

Holy strays

Wednesday. 2 pm. An elderly bull, living in the stray cattle shelter near the Pashupatinath Temple, is dying.

To the letter

People who pass by the Patra Manjusha, the iconic red-coloured letter boxes of Kathmandu, might consider it to be an artefact waiting to be taken to a museum.

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