Times are changing for the dhobis of Kathmandu

With young people pursuing alternative career options and elder people taking up initiatives to modernise the laundry service, the traditional means of laundry is adapting with changing times.Times are changing for the dhobis of Kathmandu
In an alley in Dhalkhu, people are seen busy with their laundry jobs. It is a caste-based occupation for some, but with the introduction of new technologies, this service-based industry has also been evolving.  Anish Regmi/TKP
Alisha Sijapati
Published at : September 11, 2019
Updated at : September 11, 2019 07:32

Alisha Sijapati

Alisha Sijapati is an arts and culture reporter at The Kathmandu Post, primarily covering human interest stories. She is intrigued by history, culture and films. Before joining the Post in 2015, she worked as a journalist for The Himalayan Times and ECS Media.