Kathmandu’s roads are widening, but there’s no space for pedestrians

Early at dawn on March 5, Jenu Shrestha got off the bus at Balkhu and did what had become a habit. She looked left, then right and left again before crossing the road to get to her college. The next thing she recalls is opening her eyes, several hours later, in the Intensive Care Unit at Grande Hospital. She had been hit by a speeding motorbike.
Arpan Shrestha
Published at : December 22, 2018
Updated at : June 25, 2019 13:24

Arpan Shrestha

Arpan Shrestha is a former producer for The Kathmandu Post. Before joining the Post in 2018, he was a freelance news and documentary producer and a former editor of Republica's The Week. Shrestha has a background in media production and programming.