Nepal’s honey and beekeeping industry is about more than profit

This phenomenon is not confined to Nepal--bees are dying all over the world. Colony collapse, a phenomenon where worker bees vacate a hive and leave behind the queen, has become more frequent. Climate change, destruction of ecosystems and pesticide use have all been cited as reasons but no clear consensus has emerged.
Archana Bhattarai, information and agricultural extension officer at the Beekeeping Development Section in Godavari, handles a hive.  Post Photo: Prakash Chandra Timilsena
Thomas Heaton
Published at : March 30, 2019
Updated at : June 28, 2019 17:28

Thomas Heaton

Thomas Heaton was a food and travel reporter for The Kathmandu Post. Before working in Nepal, he spent five years in New Zealand, most recently as a food writer for Cuisine magazine.