Darchula, East Rukum voters at a loss

While political parties are busy in door-to-door campaigns in Darchula and East Rukum ahead of the federal and provincial elections, many voters in the districts are oblivious about the voting process. Darchula, which is in Province 7, and East Rukum of Province 6 go to the polls on November 26.  Darchula, East Rukum voters at a loss
Hari Gautam & Manoj Badu
Published at : November 8, 2017
Updated at : November 8, 2017 15:40
Darchula / East Rukum

Hari Gautam

Hari Gautam is the Rukum correspondent for Kantipur Publications.

Manoj Badu

Manoj Badu is the Darchula correspondent for Kantipur Publications.