‘Ek Bhagavat Ra Ek Geeta’ tries too hard

A gender-fluid boy, a kidnapping case, one-dimensional villains and Bipin Karki as a trans woman—this film chews more than it can swallow. ‘Ek Bhagavat Ra Ek Geeta’ tries too hard
Karki as Kamala Maai. Some believe the role should’ve been played by a trans woman instead of Karki, a cis-gender man. Screengrab from YouTube
Urza Acharya
Published at : September 19, 2023
Updated at : September 20, 2023 17:37

Urza Acharya

Acharya is an aspiring writer interested in arts, literature and cinema. Currently, she works as the media coordinator at Siddhartha Art Gallery.