New agro roadmap envisions mechanised, modern farming

The government Sunday launched a short-, medium- and long-term agricultural transformation roadmap that envisions generating more jobs, making the country self-sufficient in food and boosting agro exports  
The 58-point programme under the left alliance government’s Prosperous Nepal: Happy Nepalis campaign aims to usher in a new era of mechanized and modern farming to ease the country’s dependence on food imports, said Agriculture, Land Management and Cooperatives Minister Chakra Pani Khanal New agro roadmap envisions mechanised, modern farming

Sangam Prasain
Published at : May 7, 2018
Updated at : May 7, 2018 10:19

Sangam Prasain

Sangam Prasain is Business Editor at The Kathmandu Post, covering tourism, agriculture, mountaineering, aviation, infrastructure and other economic affairs. He joined The Kathmandu Post in October 2009.